RALEIGH DANIELS IR BECOME LEGEND THE ADVENTURE BEGINS 2017 wwwraleighdanielsjrwebscom fundraisingwebsites WHAT WE NEED AND WHAT YOU GET! Stringy and Mopy is an upcoming werewolfsuperhero comic book series When Mopy Garret failed to save his mom from getting kidnapped by an ancient evil he teams up with an established superhero Samantha Bridges to save not only just her but the world from an Army of the Undead This was a childhood story I wrote for the past 6 years It is canon with my novel “The God of Alpha” All funding will for the initial goal of $500 will be distributed to my staff working on the project My illustrator need the efficient funding to work on the comic If we reach our goal assuming you guys loved the series we will go on and create another installment of the series and possibly a cameo from you of the doners Even if we don’t reach our goal we will print out signed physical copies of the book with any donation of $7+ and a cameo of you in the story Meme

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