rapid-artwork Movie Pitch A strict all girls boarding school is across a river from a strict all boys boarding school Boys and girls are forbidden from fraternizing but they find sneaky ways to form friendships and even date I assume there is heavily monitored internet and phones are for emergencies only so they have to resort to more unconventional methods of communication Messages in bottles a system of mirrors writing on chalkboards and putting them in the windows ectect Until one day a shy boy at the boys boarding school tells his best friend and the leader of a resident well meaning bovs gang that he actually feels more like a girl The gang leader contacts the leader of a girl gang across the river and they begin to plan an overly elobrate heist to smuggle the shy trans girl across the river in exchange for a chill tomboy and the two will assume each other's lives until they graduate Hijinks ensue as they pull a 'Great-Esacpe' style mission to avoid detection from the overly strict headmasters and an overly passionate team of campus security guards Friendships are tested there is lots of home alone style logic to outsmart the adults and there is romantic tension between the leaders of the gangs as they put aside their differences to help their two friends find a place to be themselves It is light-hearted in tone but is also over the top and everyone plays it way too serious to the point of comedy The two kids swapping places have classic parent trap style hijinks pretending to be the other person and avoid detection Think kids next doorrecess but shot like a heist movie Add a funny character actor as a dopey but well meaning janitor and you got a stew going sleephawhoneedsit As a parent of two young impressionable children l 100% would take them to see this movie 19090 notes “Kids Next Door + Reccess Heist Movie” Meme

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