Ray Zindaroot March 10 at 1041am I see randomness not as some single aspect of a phenomenon but rather a representation of the dynamics of a system that are too difficult to model and account for Thus statistics is then a way to quantify unknown aspects of a deterministic system think this is what Einstein meant when he said god does not play with dice Like Share Comment Gene Jacket No you dingus he was referring to the uncertainty principle Like Reply March 10 at 1047am Gene Jacket Your macro level garbage has nothing to do with it he was talking about quantum mechanics Like Reply March 10 at 1049am Ray Zindaroof He was talking about the fact that in quantum mechanics the idea of probability isn't that it encodes the unknown deterministic aspects of a system but rather that only being able to work out a probability of being in a certain state is a fundamental principle Einstein was referring to this deviation from the initial principles of probability in classical mechanics He was essentially saying that he thought that there were still as of yet unknown aspects in the quantum mechanical context that were causing this aspect of probability at that level So yes my macro description is exactly what Einstein was describing in relation to how probability was being understood atthe quatum mechanical level Like Reply March 10 at 514pm Edited Gene Jacket Well if you genuinely think this applies to quantum theory then you must realize that Einstein was straight up wrong and this confirms your status as a Walnut Like Reply March 11 at 1143am Ray Zindaroof hile quantum mechanics agrees very well with experiments it can't be unified with relativity Also ifyou ve been keeping up with some of the latest physics experiments there is evidence that the traditional understanding of quantum mechanical principles may be fundamentall wrong See this article for more https iredcom201406the-ne quantum-reality Maybe you should look at what quantum mechanics now basically usurped by quantum field theory before you start calling people walnuts though that's a hilariously ridiculous insult find your certainty humorous There is a difference in being able to mathematically model what is going on in a system and understanding the mechanisms that cause a systems behavior Have We Been Interpreting Quantum Mechanics Wrong This Whole Time? WIRED COM Gene Jacket Even if our understanding of quantum field theory is wrong or mistaken implying it means classical mechanics are somehow making a return makes you a nerf herder Like Reply March 11 at 1155pm Ray Zindaroof m not implying that classical mechanics is the answer so I don't know what you're getting all mad about Have l offended your sense o truth? Are you so insecure about criticism ofthese ideas? Tough that's science Maybe if you took the time to read my responses instead of haphazardly posting your quips you might understand what im describing Based on what you've posted it sounds like you have at best a very shallow understanding of the field itself Like Reply Yesterday at 1111am Gene Jacket Not mad mostly laughing Like Reply Yesterday at 1202pm Write a comment I don't think you understand Quantum Theory nearly as well as you think you do Meme

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