Real Houses of Westoros SPOILERS MAY BE BELOW BE YE WARNED READ AT YOUR OWN RISK House Wynch of Iron Holt coat of arms pictured A noble house of the Iron Islands they are seated on the isle of Pyke Their seat is the town of Iron Holt located on the opposite side of the island to their leige lord's House Greyjoy After the death of Lord Dalton Greyjoy Alester Wynch and Gunthor Goodbrother held Faircastle as the rest of the Iron Islands fell into chaos Alester was later slain by Gunthor in a quarrel over Lysa Farman Members of House Wynch are present among Balon Greyjoy's captains when Theon Greyjoy arrives on Pyke Lord Waldon Wynch was the first man to recognize Euron Greyjoy as king of the Iron Islands and the North and the house was given half the lands of House Botley for supporting Euron Other members of the house had supported Victarion Greyjoy before the kingsmoot on Old Wyck Meme

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