REAL LIFE SPELLFIGHTING Harty Potter Before explaining anything I would like you to know that I'm NOT an engineer neither a programmer I'm just a concept designer and a Harry Potter fan so please excuse me if my idea seems somewhat absurd or not possible to realize at all THE CONCEPT Harry Potter GO is a Real-Time lusl Spell fighting Mobile Game that uses an external 'Bluetooth Wand' with the app itself in order to deliver an energetic magic battle between the two wizardswitches Players have to use offensive and defensive spells in order to win the combat waving their wands at each other while the app network keeps tracks of all the action and Magic Stats of both players Wands should be sold separately with different styles available but always including a code to connect itself via Bluetooth to the owner's phone As soon as the app is downloaded installed and the wand is connected to the device the user has to choose their Nickname Wizard Gender Avatar and Hogwart's House Afier these small steps the player is now ready to b another wizard or witch within range THE WAND Prototype #1 -Harrys wand Smartuand Concept attery Gestare Sesor Wasd Chip' Mini USB Bineroerb Spel LED Port In order to produce a spell the first step is to press the Spell Button and wave the wand differently for cach spell releasing the button right after the end of the wave If the user had enough stamina to produce the desired spell the light on the tip of his wand will glow to the corresponding color of that spell indicating it was a success THE APP Payer Niokmense Soven lack Menu Scree Battle Screen THE BATTLE After both players accepe to fight against each other the Batle Screen pops up in the app of both phones waiting for the battle to begin Players then have to stand in front of each other one hand holding their smartphones and the other holding their wands straight up in the front of their faces Their lights will then lash three times and the battle finally starts each player with seven life points and enough stamina for a normal spell Quick guide to spells Each of che offessive spells availlable requires a different wand wave and some scamina of the player in onder to be produced There are easy spells less saminal normal spells half stamina and the strong spells almost all stamina The defensive speli aso roquires stamina in onder to be peoduced The anly way to evade an enemy spel is by conjuring the Pratrge defensive spell at the right moment-Eail to do so and the incoming spell will hit yuu removing on of your life points Smuina regenerates quickly contrาใuting to a fast paced and energetic combat just like in the books and mowies of the Wizardring World of Harry Potter Because of the strmine system plavers cannot produce many spells in a row as the wand also roquires few seconds eo cooldown Therefore knowing each spell and when to use it is the key to winning che batle and becoming a better wizard or witch For examplk if a player conjures a strong spell against his enemy he remains vulnerable because he can only defend hiself when the requisred stamuise regenerates back again this shows thae both ciming and feeling are very important so play the game GAME STATS Life Points are a important aspect of Harry Potter GO as the winner of each battle is the one who first get his enemy's Life Points to zero Each player starts every battle with seven points that are the app- every time a player fails to block an incoming spell he takes the hit instantaneously losing i L Point Differently than Stamina Life Pain訂 will not regenerate over time only reseting on the start of a new match Stamina Bar Stamina is used to produce spells with the wand and regenerates constantly when the player is in battle The Stamina Bar' is invisible and cannot be checked on the app therefore the wizard or witch must always teel when it's the right time to use cach spell or to hold on and wait for the best moment attack If a spell fails because of lacking stamina the wand tip will glow very shortly in a faded white and the player will need to wait for the wand to cooldown again in order to use it Wand Cooldown Every time a spell is produced or failed because of lacking stamina the wand enters in a Cooltows Mode where it can only produce the defense spell for a very short period of time 15-2 sec That prevents the player to pretend his wand is like an AK-47 and shoot loads of offensive spells one after the other The cooldown time is also not indicated on the screen or the wand so just like the Samind it requires timing and ng of the overall system of the game FINAL THOUGHTS Although this is just a silly idea created by a semi-autistic depressed guy that never leaves his bedroom it would indeed be very fun if the project was real As a Harry Potter fan I believe this would be the closest way we could ever get to fight with magic like the characters of JK Rowling I'm very sorry for the long post and for possible English mistakes I've tried my very best to explain the concept for you guys- here's some Potato Wands This is my concept for Harry Potter GO Meme

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