REAL SHIT- Rp @JustinoMora1 I'm a DACA recipient from Mexico I'm undocumented and I encourage everyone to get involved in the fight for immigrant rights It was empowering and inspiring to march alongside hundreds of people in downtown Los Angeles in protest of the Trump Administration's decision to terminate TPS for our brothers and sisters of Central America and Haiti ✊🏾 The march took place on Saturday we took over the streets of LA near Placita Olvera We made as much noise as possible to let drivers and people walking by know that we cannot stand on the sidelines while our communities are under attack The rally culminated at the immigration detention center where thousands of undocumented immigrants have been detained and deported from over the years As we chanted and shouted our lungs out to ShutdownICE the people inside the immigration prison heard us and began knocking on the windows We won't rest until our people are freed! ✊🏽 ShutdownICE To learn more about TPS and receive assistance please follow @carecen_la and @tps_alliance ProtectTPS saveTPS HereToStay Haiti MLKday martinlutherkingjr martinlutherking MLKjr Meme

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