Reality speaks for itself!!! haim Trump 20 B Obama 18 D Make this go viral!!! As a matter fo fact it does Trump's uniform is from a military academy where he 'suddenly' developed bone spurs in his foot and dodged the draft despite having been a star athlete When asked which foot he told a reporter to view the record themselves because he couldn't give an answer Of course he looks n it's a yearbook photo That's the point He went on to graduate from Wharton largely accepted due to nepotism and money He does not appear in the yearbook and did not graduate with honors NYTimes Barack is in casual wear because he was taking a few laid-back shots for a student that needed subjects for her portfolio while he was attending college at Occidental University He went on to graduate from Harvard Law a Juris Doctor Magna CumLaude meaning the second highest grades of anyone that yearWashington Times NYTimes Have some manipulative bullshit I fixed Meme

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