Recovery und Lizad Drive Lan @gmalcom Keanee Glefell Winver Ballentos Percival V Batar Granido Charma ristian Karl Cachila Illis 34 mins Him Yo dude have you seen the convo? Me This convo? Uhm yeah? Him No kuyai think someone dissed you Me That'd be the third one this week Get used to it Are you coming to the studio today? Him sends screenshots Me Hahahaha Him I think they're talking about you Me I know they are Let them be I can't believe you actually added that dude on fb Him hahaha You're not going to do anything? Me Of course I am I'm gonna keep supporting these kids with high potential Him Let's diss them on a track Me Hahaha No dude That one guy is a good friend who just forgot what hip hop is about and the other is just an insecure culture vulture who started rapping cuz his girlfriend left him And obviously they both think I follow them on facebook So basically they're no threat Him Can I do a diss track? I won't mention them Me You're too fresh Don't start your rap career with diss tracks My boy is too hyped up I think it's time to create a new monster Eminem x MGK hnnnggg Meme

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