red light or greenlight? Know which foods are safe for your pet STOP! CAUTION GO AHEAD Apples Alcohol Bananas Bread Avocados Beans Blueberries Cherries Bell Pepper Chocolate Cucumber Carrots especially dark Kiwi Lemons Garlic Oranges Peas Grapes Pineapple Peaches Ice Cream Peanut Butter Pumpkin Milk & Dairy Raspberries Potato Mushrooms Watermelon Rice Nuts Strawberries especially macadamia Sweet potatoes Onions Remove seeds Turkey Pomegranates cores stems and other choking hazards Feed in moderation Xylitol artificial Sweetener E Questions? Visit petsmdcom or download the app PETSMART 17-SERVICES-0327 THIS IS SO IMPORTANT httpstcodqU6EqY08Z Meme

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