Red @redgermz Saw this on Facebook and sent it to my brother who is a pharmacist Unsa man na b 1029 AM Paracetamol OMG cfluffiness Medical Terms abscess nephritis cornea utaneous abdominal nephrosis adrenalin debility neuralgia allergic diabetes neuritis anesthesia eczema neurosis angina edema occlusion aorta embolism orthopedic arteriosclerosis Qr esophagus palsy gallbladder arthritis pancreas gynecology asthma pediatrics atrophied peritoneum hemorrhage - Cf atrophy hepatitis pernicious hysterotomy bacilli phlebitis 6 bacillus impetigo pituitary inoperable peo bacteria purulent biopsy intravenous red blood cells leukemia blood count septicemia leukocytosis blood vessel therapy bronchitis lymphatic フ thyroid cardiac malignancy e tonsillitis cataract malignant tuberculosis cerebrl metabolism ulna colitis mucus vascular Someone in facebook also posted this too xmagnet-o Omg halcyonjester Mediglyphics klubbhead This shit's infuriating pseudonymsobriquet Oh this is a type of shorthand! There are 3 main types but from my research this looks to be American Gregg Shorthand A O aths H emamage 7 C I E o F tubercalasis As you can see there are set symbols for every letter Let's break one of the words down atrophied O o P atrophied Using the Gregg Alphabet as reference we can see most of the letters in atrophied are present But why no o vowel and why is ph written as f? Simple In shorthand you cut out all vowels in a word when writing it down with the exception of words that BEGIN or END with a vowel hence the a at the start being present or like in the I in atrophied to make it more readable when the sound could be harder to distinguish if it isn't written In atrophied if the the i isn't written it could be hard to tell if the writer meant a fud fad fod or fid sound for example Also since Shorthand is a phonetic writing system you are encouraged to write down the phonetic sounds of words rather than the actual letter blends in this case write an f instead of a ph So in actuality these aren't just meaningless scribbles -it's Gregg Shorthand a writing system developed to take down notes more quickly than when written out in full which is very useful in a medical or journalistic environment Some people can even write over 100 words in a minute! And it's been in use since John Robert Gregg invented it in 1888! Wow! So old! Isn't language amazing ? r4cs0 darkvioletcloud I'm gonna go back in time and kill John Robert Gregg 1 N Meme

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