Redditors what's the worst thing you've eaten out of politeness? Discussion Share 37k 93k BEST COMMENTS worlds-best-frycook 10h holmesla0319 7h 1 Award I am actually the one who made the horrible meal When I was around 8 I decided I wanted my Mom to relax while I cooked her dinner and did the dishes I made way over cooked spaghetti with a plain can of diced tomatoes that I added water to because I thought that is how sauce worked Finished it off with every seasoning herb we owned plus some ketchup because the sauce looked a little too much like water and oh heck some mustard mayo and any sauce I saw in the fridge because she liked all those things! My Mom took her first bite smiled through it told me how much she enjoyed not having to cook then ate every freaking bite on her plate She told me much later on that she ate the dinner I made her because she didn't want to discourage me from taking initiative and trying new things She also later told me it was the most god awful thing she had ever eaten in her life The mom we all hope we have via rwholesomememes httpsifttt327ksUi Meme

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