REI tilthat TIL a cave goat that went extinct approx 5000 years ago is the first known mammal to have become cold-blooded Their bone growth rate is unlike any other mammal and more similar to crocodiles in showing slow and adaptive rates to environmental temperature via httpifttt2vtQOYg r-evolution-aries The goat's binomial name is Myotragus balearicus It was kind of an oddball in a lot of other ways too an example being that it had forward-facing eyes giving it stereoscopic vision which was pretty odd for an ungulate Here's what its skull looked like btw By Didier Descouens Own work СС ВY-SA 30 creepsandcrawlers can't believe we missed out on hte fucked up crocodile goat thylacineshrine that was the devil shoresoftheshadowlands wingleader What the what ohnoagremlin having a bad time picturing what a goat wit forward facing eyes would look like devilishdescent it went extinct because anything that saw it instinctively wanted to kill it spacenoodle92 i heard this fucker still roams the pine barrens of new jersey Source tilthat ifunnyco Meme

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