relationships Тoр I F17 met an USAF guy M19 last month and he's already talking about babies and marriage Dating relationships& 6d 5dkylieb1313 selfrelationships 91% UpVote Living right next to an Air Force base F17 always heard the joke that Air men propose on the third date Which I thought was just a joke but oh my god I was wrong whole life I my Last month I met an air force guy M19 online despite living in the same town I didn't think we'd even see each other but boy was I wrong we've been sleeping with each other for the last month I've definitely seen a few red flags like he hardly ever uses condoms he pulls out but I don't think that's a good form of birth control Last night we were talking he made it fairly clear that he wants me pregnant I asked him what if I get pregnant and he responded with Not if when you do get pregnant I explained to him that my mom would kill me if I were to get pregnant seeing as I'm only 17 Then he suggests that when I do get pregnant I can move in with him and get married Personally think he just wants off base he's currently an e2 which means he has to live in the dorms on base until next year unless he's married before then So basically I'm his ticket to living off base Despite some of the concerns I have I still really do like him we're definitely moving way too fast but I've heard that's normal for service members I hope with time that we can get to know each other better and maybe in the future have kids or whatever UPDATE After reading the comments under this post I have decided to find out what unit he is in that way I can contact his main line ifwhen needed TLDRI F17 have been seeing an airman M19 for a month I told him my concerns about getting pregnant he kinda brushed it off he suggested marriage and moving in together 158 259 Boot wants to get his 17 yo gf pregnant Meme

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