REMAINS OF MARINE SGT DAVID QUINN COMING HOME 75 YEARS LATER HOME REMAINS OF MARINE SGT DAVID QUINN COMING HOME 75 YEARS LATER 🔊 His family thought Marine Corps Sgt David Quinn was “lost at sea” But after the development of DNA and a letter from a Marine veteran that suggested he was lost in battle instead the family learned last November that his remains had been identified and would be coming home to New Hampshire Betio Tarawa Atoll Gilbert Islands November 20 1943 American commanders figured they could easily take the Gilbert islands belonging to Japan One Makin Island had little resistance But Betio was another matter entirely Reconnaissance was severely lacking Japanese Admiral Keiji Shibasaki bragged that no one could take Betio According to Historycom it was heavily fortified “100 pillboxes dug-in concrete bunkers seawalls an extensive trench system for defensive movements and an airstrip were supported by coastal guns antiaircraft guns heavy and light machine guns and light tanks Betio’s beaches were naturally ringed with shallow reefs which were covered with barbed wire and mines The Japanese garrison at Betio was defended by at least 4500 troops” Read More Visit our website for today’s breaking news https-newsunclesamsmisguidedchildrencom-remains-marine-sgt-david-quinn-coming-home-75-years-later- Link in Bio Meme

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