REMEMBER WHEN OBAMA CONDEMNED BLACK LIVES MATTER RACE HATE WHEN MICAH JOHNSON GUNNED DOWN 5 COPS BECAUSE HE HATED WHITE PEOPLE? 4484 COLORS DEADLY AMBUSH SNIPERS KILL 5 POLICE OFFICERS IN DALLAS NAME OF DEAD SUSPECTSHOOTER IS MICAH JOHNSON LIVE CBSN ME NEITHER The corrupt establishment tries to protect itself by reporting on news they only want you to hear Don't let them spread their nasty propaganda! liberal maga conservative constitution like follow presidenttrump resist stupidliberals merica america stupiddemocrats donaldtrump trump2016 patriot trump yeeyee presidentdonaldtrump draintheswamp makeamericagreatagain trumptrain triggered Partners --------------------- @too_savage_for_democrats🐍 @raised_right_🐘 @conservativemovement🎯 @millennial_republicans🇺🇸 @conservativenation1776😎 @floridaconservatives🌴 Meme

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