REMINDER Cold season is starting and cats seek shelter in cars Do not forget to give a few taps on the hood before starting your car Re-post please! deanpleasepassthegravy forestbeneathme keepmywhiskeyneat wyvernchild lavender-ice please That is the exact spot my parents found a stray kitten Nice little addition to the family but would have been a terrible addition to the pavement had she not been very vocal OTL No joke the place where that cat is resting in this picture is called a “dead cat hole” it’s an automotive term Don’t believe me look it up This is also where I found a stray cat she was up in there during a thunderstorm and I begged my dad to let me being her inside and that’s the story of how I got my first cat Please don’t skip over this without reading it and making a mental note Even if you don’t have a car tell your parents or whoever and make sure to do this You think that’ll never happen but that’s what everyone thought who had this happen and didn’t check and that poor cold cat met with a terribly sad end Meme

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