Replies 4 months ago SoIwas curious about how Skrillex was doing And well he just canceled 23 shows because no tickets were sold I'm not saying anything about the man himself but the fad is dead 640 24 1 hour ago edited I can't believe some fat redneck idiot commenting on how an artist cancelled 23 shows gets this much likes because people are too stupid and lazy to research on their own There's absolutely no sources on this Skrillex still does songs from time to time and very much still tours Also his net worth is $45 million He wasn't as popular as before but EDM was never just a fad Any of you could literally search Skrillex cancelled shows and the only results would be shows cancelled due to bad weather and a failed stage dive accident Fucking dumbasses 2 minutes ago damn son! Redneck talks about modern music Meme

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