Replies years ago edited 354 it is a prayer yes it is called in Arabic a Duaa for travelling it is when prophet Muhammad peace be upon him used to pray prior to his journey 113 36 Add a public reply go Wait so it's a muslim airline? What about Christian? Can't they pray the Lord's prayer too? years ago @strongyanghey can but Qatar is a muslim country just like UAE and Bahrain so they have to play the Duaa prior takeoff Christian people can pray by their own 17 years ago Wait what about America and Europe we are founded by Judeo- Christian value but we respect everyone else' freedom to practice their religions Why can't lelam do X A trip reporter asked people why is there this voice thing on Qatar Airways an airline and people responded saying a prayer and some people are triggered saying they shoudn’t play it and some people said they will sue any airline that plays a prayer before takeoff Meme

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