Reporter What is 2+2? Donald Trump answers the question I have to say a lot of people have been asking this question No really A lot of people come up to me and they ask me They say What's 2+2' And I tell them look we know what 2+2 is We've had almost eight years of the worst kind of math you can imagine Oh my God I can't believe it Addition and subtraction of the 1s the 2s and the 3s It's terrible It's just terrible Look if you want to know what 2+2 is do you want to know what 2+2 is? I'll tell you First of all the number 2 by the way I love the number 2 It's probably my favorite number no it is my favorite number You know what it's probably more like the number two but with a lot of zeros behind it A lot If I'm being honest I mean if I'm being honest I like a lot of zeros Except for Marco Rubio now he's a zero that I don't like Though I probably shouldn't say that He's a nice guy but he's like '10101000101' on and on like that He's like a computer! You know what I mean He's like a computer I don't know I mean you know So we have all these numbers and we can add them and subtract them and add them TIMES them even Did you know that? We can times them OR divide them they don't tell you that and I'1l tell you no one is better at the order of operations than me You wouldn't believe it So we're gonna be the best on 2+2 believe me trumpomg-humortumblrcom Meme

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