Republican Steve Schmidt Slammed Mike Pence Big Time! He is a titanic and I mean titanic fraud We have listened to this guy for many many years in this country on his moral high horse assaulting the dignity of gay people across the board His moral preening is famous throughout the land Yet he is the most obsequious of all Trump's cultists in the cabinet There have been occasions as George Will points out where speaking on Trump in front of Trump Pence compliments him on an average of every 32 seconds We have never seen such slobbering servility by a high government official in this country than we do in Mike Pence and Donald Trump It is amazing He's supposed to be serving the American people He's the Vice President of the United States and he acts like he's the house butler at Mar-a-Lago Steve Schmidt Image Credib NBC I D Changess crapped resized text added hipsfnbcnewsbo2rArYGo I hp bitly268ayl Meme

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