****RESCUE HELP NEEDED**** Finn 40999893 is a healthy 8 mth old neutered male that finds himself in a bit of trouble He was picked up and kept for a few days while the owner was being looked for and was very friendly He is now in a shelter environment which is not to his liking and he has let it be known He will head butt the bars and you an pet him on the head but then seems to realize where he is and goes into freak out mode - hissing growling and swatting He needs to be out of this environment for the real Finn to show and a rescue group with the experience for this is the perfect place for that to happen And it needs to happen soon Irving Animal Shelter 4140 Valley View Irving TX Tel 972 721 2256 Hours Tues-Fri 11am-6pm Sat 10am-5pm Rescue Email rescueapet@cityofirvingorg ***If you wish to tag but are not an approved rescue with the shelter you can check the requirements online httpswwwcityofirvingorg134Adoption-Partners Meme

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