RESCUED BW#APLACETOBARK Seems I fall in love a lot There are way worse things that I could do then have a heart so full of love it feels like it’s ready to burst It’s so hard not to love so deeply when it comes to these homeless pets when their souls are so pure & they cannot speak for themselves But their eyes they speak so loud and clear We just have to take the time to tune in & listen When life has been less than kind & it just seems like the world doesn’t care It’s these dogs that have my heart Because the world does care & no matter how tired I get I refuse to lose faith in the good of people This sweet guy is extremely shy shut down & not that old but has horribly neglected mange with terrible secondary infections riddled throughout his body Time medical treatment love & patience will bring him back to life More updates soon❤️ #everylifematters #aplacetobark #rescuedismyfavoritebreed #loveheals #lovechangeseverything Meme

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