RESTLEMANIA MET LIFE STADIUM Let's take a special look at how RAW ended before WrestleMania since 1993 Be sure to catch WrestleMania 35 LIVE this Sunday only on the WWE Network 1993 Vince McMahon and Rob Bartlett 1994 Lex Luger vs Jimmy Del Rey March to WrestleMania 1995 A discussion over Bigelow vs Lawrence Taylor 1996 Bret Hart reflecting on his life and jogging 1997 Psycho Sid and Undertaker & Bret Hart and Steve Austin brawl 1998 After defeating the Rock Steve Austin calls out Shawn Michaels 1999 After defeating the Big Show Steve Austin gets hit with a Rock bottom 2000 The Rock and Vince McMahon are victorious over Shane McMahon and the Big Show Triple H and Mick Foley were the referees for this match 2001 The Rock stunners Steve Austin and places a beer beside him 2002 The nWo defeated the Rock and Steve Austin 2003 A recap of a SmackDown signing between Hulk Hogan and Vince McMahon ends bloody 2004 Mick Foley's this is your life featuring the Rock and Evolution 2005 Triple H slaps Batista in the face Batista had enough and strikes Triple H 2006 Vince McMahon vs John cena ends with a twist HHH helps attack HBK and Cena 2007 Batista and Undertaker vs Shawn Michaels and Cena ends with HBK superkicking Cena in the face 2008 Ric Flair defeats Randy Orton 2009 The McMahon's brawl with Legacy 2010 Batista and Cena brawl 2011 The Miz gets attacked by The Rock and Cena gets the upper hand at the end over the Rock 2012 Rock and Cena verbal confrontation 2013 CM Punk pours Paul Bearer ashes over Undertaker 2014 Daniel Bryan interrupted Orton vs Batista and gets his hands on HHH Yes! Yes! Yes! 2015 Tug-a-war between Brock Lesnar and Roman Reigns 2016 The main roster watches as HHH and Roman Reigns go at it! 2017 Goldberg spears Brock Lesnar 2018 Roman Reigns gets caught in an F5 by Brock Lesnar when he played possum 2019 Kurt Angle ankle locks Baron Corbin Meme

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