Results California Proposition 187 Votes From Wikipedia the free encyclopedia 5063537 3529432 8592969 307667 8900636 Registered votersturnout14723784 5893% 4107% 9654% 346% 10000% 6045% Yes No Valid votes Invalid or blank votes Total votes California Proposition 187 also known as the Save Our State SOS initiative was a 1994 ballot initiative to establish a state-run citizenship screening system and prohibit illegal aliens from using non-emergency health care public education and other services in the State of California Voters passed the proposed law at a referendum in November 1994 The law was challenged in a legal suit and found unconstitutional by a federal district court In 1999 Governor Gray Davis halted state appeals of this ruling Passage of Proposition 187 reflected state residents concerns about illegal immigration into the United States Opponents believed the law was discriminatory against illegal immigrants of Hispanic or Asian origin supporters maintained that their concerns were economic that the state could not afford to provide social services for so many people who had entered the country illegally or overstayed their visas112 Republicans' embrace of Proposition 187 has been cited as a key factor for the decline of the Republican Party in California3 Results by county 187 Yes Yes No Meme

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