Return Catalog Bottom Update OAuto File E2CCA3FB-BF03-4148-B9CO-Fjpg 115 KB 618x803 O Anonymous 073118Tue034515 No775819381 be me be half Austrian half Italien Visit Italy for the 1000 time visited huge Market fined old guy with lots of WII memorabilia >never seen this in Austria >HistoryBuffjpg buy a knife and coins white swastikas travel back home waiting now on border remember know those things might be illegal in Austria getting nervous WHITE POw ER >policeman sees me me suspicions as fuck pulls me over and searches car finds knife and coins looks at me and starts smiling im fucked >he tells me to come in his police car >im about to be arrested >Policeman get something out of his backpack >MeinKampfjpg >say he is also a big fan of the Nazis starts talking about how they where right turns out he is a Neonazi agree with him to get away lets me go without doing anything says goodbye and tells me it's always nice to meet a comrade >im a Neonazi know Anon is a Nazi Meme

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