reupload_cop_99 16m Here's a handy little guide for everyone who questions the Holodomor's existence or status as a genocide ie the edgy 13-year-old in the comments Did the Holodomor happen? Yes UN General AssemblyDavies GraziosiMarplesShapovalTauger Was it a genocide? Yes UN General AssemblyDavies GraziosiMarplesShapoval How many people died? This number is disputed due to Soviet censorship and lack of third-party figures However the generally accepted tally 7-10 million deaths from 1932-33 UN General Assembly Note Both Russia and Ukraine were signatories of this UN Joint Statement and as such support this figure Were Ukrainians disproportionately affected? Yes UN General AssemblyDavies GraziosiMarplesShapoval More than 55% of the victims of the famine were ethnic Ukrainians Graziosi However as per the 1926 census they made up only 2122% of the USSR Marples In the Ukrainian SSR UkrSSR mortality rates increased 368% between 1926-33 In the USSR they increased a mere 188% Graziosi this caused by the W environment? No DaviesGraziosiMarplesShapoval The 1921-1922 famine was more intense in terms of the drought and the areas affected However it caused less than 25% of the deaths of the Holodomor Graziosi Additionally the 1945 crop was smaller than the 1932 crop - however there were no hunger-caused deaths comparable to the Holodomor In other words the problem wasn't the lack of food Was the Holodomor used as a tool to repress perceived Ukrainian resistance movements? Yes DaviesGraziosiMarplesShapoval Soviet leaders believed Ukraine was teeming with nationalist agents and Polish spies Stalin Stalin also spoke of his fear of losing Ukraine and wanted to transform it into a Bolshevik fortress MarplesGraziosi In an August 1932 letter to Lazar Kaganovich Stalin stated that Ukraine was now the main issue emphasis original Graziosi Soviet authorities used the implementation as a tool to repress these perceived resistance movements Collectivization in the UkrSSR was implemented much more quickly than elsewhere despite the lack of any logical reason for doing so and unreasonable grain quotas were immediately imposed on the Ukrainians Marples Local reports of famine quickly became apparent to Soviet leadership as shown by Viacheslav Molotov's report that today we have to face even in grain-producing areas the specter of famine Marples However the Politburo ignored these reports stating that procurement plans must be respected at all cost Graziosi As the famine spread Stalin wrote a directive called On the Prevention of Mass Departures of Starving Peasants of Ukraine and the North Caucasus January 22nd 1933 This prevented the migration of Ukrainian peasants condemning them to death by starvation In addition no individuals were permitted to bring food products into the UkrSSR without the government's permission No such ban was ever implemented in any other Soviet republic Shapoval If I still believe that the Holodomor didn't happen what should I do? So you've decided to commit seppuku Now what? To help you with the task here is a handy tutorial Enjoy! Step #1Purchase a Sharp Sword! A dull blade can lead to ragged cutting and the expenditure of much elbow grease during the ceremony Therefore it is important that the sword be razor-sharp Step #2Find a Buddy! One of the most important parts of seppuku is the kaishaku or assistant The kaishaku's task is to slice off your head after you have completed the ceremony and should therefore be a close friend family member or crudely jilted ex-lover Step #3 Decide Where to Die! You only die once so the location of your seppuku ceremony should be as pleasant as possible I suggest a sunny field a well-tended garden or the pleasantly air-conditioned lobby of an upscale office building Step #4 Go for It! Kneel down in your chosen location and slowly insert the sword into your abdomen The desired spot is about three inches left or right of your navel depending on which hand you use Once the sword is inserted gently slice it across your stomach then upward toward your chest Remove sword when finished Step #5 Inspect Your Work! If done properly most of your internal organs should have spilled out across your lap If no internal organs are visible repeat act until the job has been done correctly Once finished your kaishaku should then lop off your head in one clean blow DaviesRW and S G Wheatcroft The Years of Hunger Soviet Agriculture 1931-1933 Palgrave Macmillan 2009 Graziosi Andrea The Soviet 1931-1933 Famines and the Ukrainian Holodomor Is a New Interpretation Possible and What Would Its Consequences Be? Harvard Ukrainian Studies vol 27 no 14 2004 pp 97-115 JSTOR JSTOR WWWjstororg stable41036863 MarplesDavid R Ethnic Issues in the Famine of 1932-1933 in Ukraine Europe-Asia Studies vol 61 no 3 2009 pp 505-518 doi 10108009668130902753325 ShapovalYuri and Marta D Olynyk The Holodomor A Prologue to Repressions and Terror in Soviet Ukraine Harvard Ukrainian Studies vol 30 no 14 2008 pp 99-121 JSTOR JSTOR wwwjstororgstable 23611468 Tauger Mark B The 1932 Harvest and the Famine of 1933 Slavic Review vol 50 no1 1991 pp 70-89 JSTOR JSTOR wwwistororgstable2500600 UN General Assembly Joint Statement by the Delegations of Azerbaijan Bangladesh Belarus Benin Bosnia and Herzegovina Add a comment When you use bogus sources to try and prove the Holodomor was a genocide Meme

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