Review of Holmes& Watson Holmes & Watson 2018 210 From the heart of a true fan 26 December 2018 When I was a rookie state trooper at the age of 24 I had to knock on a door at 2am and awaken a mother and father just to tell them that their son also 24 had been killed in an automobile accident Naturally they were distraught I stayed in their home and answered their many questions and attempted to comfort them as best I could until family members arrived At the mere age of 24 I was not ready for that moment and I have spent the following 23 years secure in the notion that those 90 minutes would be the most agonizing and uncomfortable 90 minutes of my life HOLMES&WATSON I was wrong That night in 1995 will forever finish a distant second to the time I watched Holmes & Watson kari-izumi imaginarycircus This isn’t a mic drop This is the birth of a black hole This wasn’t a murder I witnessed but a mass execution Meme

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