Revised from httpswarosuorgscithread8652216#p8654263 ECO-STALINISM v20 Tenets of eco-stalinism >massive public infrastructure projects internet public transport nuclear energy hydro-electric dams etc >massive investment in technological development improving renewable energy climate study etc >forced population transfers to cities and outside heatwave-affected areas >killing imprisoning and re-educating the reactionaries and the ruling class >food rationing and largely-enforced veganism with the eradication of the factory farming of animals >land reform and bulldozing the suburbs to build denser more-efficient cities >likely some sort of war machine to topple the remnants of imperialism and encourage socialist revolutions across the globe >five-year plans with strict emissions standards harshly lowering the usage of cars global shipping and air travel via Cybersyn-like systems and central planning Literally every single one of these points is going to be needed to deal with global warming this century We'll need huge infrastructure spending to put us on clean energy sustainable transport insulated homes and so on Not to mention massive levees and water management projects to prevent important cities from getting swamped We'll need a massive state-managed relocation program to get people out of danger areas and put up sea barriers as well as to deal with millions of refugees All of the oil company CEOS all the conservative pundits the anti-nuclear hippies and so on will have to disappear Food and water rationing will be required to prevent mass starvation and new farmlands will have to be perpetually seized as the arable land region changes We'll have to invade countries that refuse to move to sustainable energy and green living US Canada UK etc I'm net a tankie but when I look at the reality of climate change the droughts and floods the famine and war it will cause The only logical solution I can see is an ecological dictatorship I am for Eco-Stalinism A new challenger approaches Meme

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