Reymart-Cruz 1 year ago Comments is telling me this video sucks I Reply Reymart Cruz 10 months ago Yes unironically ideed because its dawn true Reymart-Cruz 1 year ago Ellieidol aww how cute she's flirting with me Ellie Idol 1 year ago Your feathers seem pretty ruffled there buddy Q 2 Reymart_Cruz 1 year ago General the fuck you talking about bitch never talk back after the epic bitch slap to reality i give to her like a ho lol unless you're this fucking stupid to think the bottom of the comment section is my last response which the top is actually my last response idiot 2 GeneralShepard1 year ago You got roasted like a hog Reymart Reymart Cruz 1 year ago Ellieidol aww she mad and lol for real the one that is truly sucking here is a thot like you which to be honest you should be the one fucking brushing your dirty ass teeth that is has been cover with expired milk lol and i don't even know why you even reply to me when there is someone who said your game sucks Which is 1 month now But somehow i got your attention for seeing comment's saying the same thing 4 Ellie Idol The only thing suckin' around here is you Reymart! Make sure to brush your teeth after 1 year ago 7 Reymart-Cruz About the next time? 1 year ago Meme

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