RI alll 9% 0 1 953 Send Message POST I travel the world over have absolute authority over a massive engineering plant where l can do whateverl like the term mechanical playground' is used haha I have learned so much of the world and only ever wanted to do this and have more money than I know what to do with! i mean £100000 a year goes a long way in the UK when you pay no tax and spend half your life at sea not spending anything You only thought of money because you are of very limited intelligence you are mentally unstable right wingers only know projection every accusation a right winger makes to the left is an accusation to themselves because you know you are morally despicable you cant even comprehend sacrificing for others you are bitter and a loser and unhappy Im just getting paid shit loads doing exactly what I love and being really popular fighting for the union l feel in a position to be free do do whatever l like and what I like is destroying hatefull selfish little vermin like you shitstains bullies and general vermin will get what is coming the unions will do it dont like that? we are the civilised alternative to beating you to death in front of your family to secure for the workers the full fruit of thieir labour and reclaim the money vermin like you steal from real working men Your message Sunday gunday! Why we will NEVER give up our rights to bear arms and defend ourselves Meme

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