RI T S 100%! 523 PM Sofia Well my work shift is about to be nonstop until real late tonight so I won't be able to talk much But gimme a topic I'm gonna write you a Shakespearean sonnet later because why not Vaping Aw lol thanks Today 515 PM Shall I compare thee to a smokestack tall? Expel your clouds in open peaceful sky No god can better answer nature's call Demanding winds be given drifting sigh No artist paints with crayons rough and crude Unsharpen'd tools for fools with wits of apes Doff e-cigs from the hand of one so shrewd Espy her skill the master as she vapes So let your clouds alight from lips so fair Such lovely dollops dotting tranquil breeze Obscure the night with wispy creamy air For smoke from you my breath as light to trees If angels live in Heaven then I'm here As where else can the clouds be seen so near? I love it Now just read the first letter of each line Sent GIF Type a message She wasnt very amused Meme

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