rifleweeb czechs-and-holdings bigwordsandsharpedges altonbrown Sometimes I get concerned for him @altonbrown are you aware of how dangerous and well-trained he actually is? Alton Brown is a competition-level shooter with a large arsenal of rather expensive weapons as well as a motorcycle and apparently a pilot's license @altonbrown Alton Brown Personal goal for the day go to range and run 500 rnds through H&K P30 Stay frosty people 19 hours ago via web If he really wanted to assassinate someone he could fly to a foreign country by himself and pose as a local chef before eliminating the at I would pay to watch a movie of Alton Brown as a secret agent who uses a mixture of his culinary and scientific knowledge as well as firearms to eliminate evil people THIS SUMMER ALTON BROWN IS THE IRON SIGHT CHEF It gets really cutthroat in his kitchen Meme

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