RIGHT Right Care Alliance CARE @RightCareNow GoFundMe for border wall raises nearly $7 million from 110k donors Yesterday was the anniversary of Shane Patrick Boyle's tragic and preventable death He died from ketoacidosis when his GoFundMe campaign to buy #insulin was $50 short UPDATED ON DECEMBER 30 3018 427 PMCSS WS Trump clashes with Pelosi & Schumer 302 TRUMP CLASHES WITH SCHUMER PELOSI OVER BORDER WALL OCBSN Now Paing 021M 113 2001 Trump clashes with Pelosi& Winter storm to delay holiday From the 60 inutes Schamer Gatwick Arport at due to drones stad chives Hue A Florida man has started a CoFund Me campaigu to raise money online for President Trump's border wall saying it's up to Americans to help our and pitch in to get this project rolling As of Thursday afternoon the GoFundMe campaign has raised nearly $7 million with a goal of S1 billion - one-fifth of the $5 billion that President Trump has been demanding unsuccessfully from Congress Meme

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