RIP Bunny sorairo-deizu valiantlyrainybouquet tinysaurus-rex saffarren dinnermess hiyokoifish thered498cp celticpyro vividroute jurvektheblogsmer NooOOO Those appear to be bird tracks rather than bunny tracks! Ergo it was a bird hopping and then taking off not a bunny getting taken away! oh my god thank you phoenix wright yeah those aren’t bunny tracks Forgive my sceptism but why would a bird with a supposedly wide wingspan hop around in the snow in the first place when tree branches would suffice in the beginning? Feel free to explain that I’ll be real I don’t know much about Phoenix Wright But! I do know a lot about birds The mighty ptarmagin! Practically a feathered rabbit these magnificent creatures are built for the snow Look at those boots! Wonderfully feathered They spend most of their time as little snow lumps In fact they’re very well known for the above phenomenon These ptarmagin trails are a pretty common sight! Reblog for the little snow lumps ✨ Meme

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