Rob Zombie İhr@ backstage with my new pals BABY METAL Like Commentare Comment →Share Bruce Cashman Are you kidding me Rob? Baby Metal is J-Pop not Metal But to each their own I guess Like Reply 103 1 h View previous replies Rob Zombiethese three girls had more energy that 90 percent of the bands we play with Unlike Reply 1078-1 hr View more replies Cody Higgins They are awful This is lame I love you Rob but shame on you Like Reply 2961 hr Rob ZombieThey roll harder than you Unlike Reply 773-1 hr View more replies rhan-hastur akitchenwitch shpider-synthpop retrocatte shpider-synthpop Rob Zombie confirmed for coll fuckin’ guy ROB ZOMBIE CONFIRMED FOR COOLEST FUCKING GUY i love that Rob Zombie is now Baby Metal’s badass protective grandpa Are they actually trying to gatekeep metal from Rob fucking Zombie? Go cry some more here’s Babymetal with Abbath Meme

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