ROBIN ROBIN Trained in kung fu agile as all get-out and packing a belt-load of cool gadgets Robin is a Robin is the slightly perfectionist leader of the group whose that the other Titans just won't do what team Not only does he have tons of guts but he's also the group's S RAVEN RAVEN With ashadowy past and eerie powers Raven is trying to be good but she's desperately afraid of the darkness within her Raven's telekinetic powers allow her to move objects with her sarcastic deadpan demon girl who'd rather be left alone STARFIRE STARFIRE Starfire is an alien struggling to fit in and learn the ways of Earth while driving Robin insane with unrequited Because she's from another world Starfire is often amazed and excited by Earth customs tarfire is pretty amazing herself She can fly and fire green starbolts Plus she's a lot stronger than she BEAST BOY BEASTBOY Quick with his tongue and utterly insecure Beast Boy will do anything for a laugh On top of that his powers are pretty awesome since he can turn into any animal he Beast Boy is Cyborg's best bud--a slightly dim but loveable loafer who transforms into all sorts of animals when he's not eating burritos CYBORG He's half-man half-robot and all-Titan but deep down Cyborg is a pretty sensitive dude His cybernetic anatomy gives him enormous strength and loads of weapons but sometimes it can also be a drag Cyborg is a laid-back half-teen half-robot who's more interested in pizza and video games than in fighting crime spiffyblargh This is how you kill depth in a character Meme

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