Robinson Crusoe I2 But this was not all for now I not only had Goats Flesh to feed on when I pleas'd but Milk too a thing which indeed in my begin ning I did not so much as think of and which when it came into my Thoughts was really an agreeable Surprize For now I set up my Dairy and had sometimes a Gallon or two of Milk in a Day And as Nature who gives Supplies of Food to every Creature dictates even naturally how to make use of it so I that had never milk'd a Cow much less a Goat or seen Butter or Cheese made very readily and handily tho' after a great many Essays and Mis- carriages made me both Butter and Cheese at last and never wanted it afterwards A Surpize to be sure but an agreeable one! When you realize that Sheev is a student of literature Meme

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