ROChETEER BIG oW AERONAUTICAL CORP Two Thumbs Up!sater & Edert WALT DISNEY PICTURES presents THE ROCKETER AGORDON COMPANY Production A JDE JOHNSTON Film BILLCAMPBELL ALAN ARKIN JENNIFER CONNELY PAUL SORVIN and TIMOTHY DALTON Mausic Composed by JAMES HORNER Eited y ARTHUR SCHMIDT Produtio Designer UM BISELL irector of Potgraphy HIRO NARITA Executive Producer LARY FRANCO Based n he aptic Novel'The Rockeler reated ty DAVE STEVENS Stor by DANNY BILSON & PAUL DE MED &WILLIAIM DEAR Streenplay by DANY BLSON&PAUL DEMEO Produed ty LAWRENCE GORDON CHARLES GORDON and LOYD LEVIN Direted byJOE JOHNSTON Produced in assocation with SLUVER SCREEN PARTNERS I SpecialVisualEfectsbyINDUSTRIALLIGHT&MAGIC Soundtrackavailable n-COMING SOONONLASERDISC? Blasting Off February 5th! WALT DISNEY HOME VIDEO 2019 North Korea and United States Hanoi Summit Viet Nam Meme

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