ROGERS LTE 351 PM NEW ALL Andrew Smith Last reply 2019-01-18 Praised Yousef Ali and Leo Williams Hear yahear ya! Let it be known that Yousef and Leo went above and beyond during their shift last night A stomer they helped was so impressed with the attention to detail and your level of service that she took the time to call the store to share her wonderful experience Well Done!! f CC Yousef Ali and Leo Williams Karyn Thompson Max Jones and 18 others liked this Seen by 28 Like Reply 1 Leah Campanelli Thats awesome guys kuddos Emily Wei 2019-01-18 1 Prais Thank so gr my can-do spirit CC Carla Banks Paul Tersigni Laura Wilson and 22 others like this Seen by 3 57 PO Groups Feed Inbox Notifications More Hell Yammer! Our colleagues do amazing things each and every day Who has helped inspire and mentor you on the job? We want to hear about it! Sin for Each daily THESE ARE NGT THE CFFICIAL Pehe he Rge of majatwe 1201 mET and nd gh Pre Relait Simply log in to Yammer with your flip credentials and use the Praise function to qush over a considerate colleague flip the hrer gl n Poster at my work future advice hire a graphic designer Meme

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