Roses are red baseball uses a bat According to al known laws of aviation there is no way a bee should be able to fy ts wings are too small to get its fat te body off the ground The bee of course fies anyway because bees don't care what humans think is impossible Yelow black Yelow black Yelow black Yello black Ooh black and yelow Lets shake t up a ine Bary Breakfast is ready Ooming Hang on a second Helo?-Bary?-Adam?-Oan you beleve is shappening ?-1cant pick you up Locking sharp Use the stairs Your father paid good money for those Sory m excitod Hore's he graduate Were very proud of you son Aperfect report card all BS Very proud Ma I got a thing going here You got int on your fuzz Ow Tha's mel- Wave to us We be in row t18000 Bye! Bary I sold you stop fying in the houset-Hey Adam-Hey Bary Is that fuzz ge-Ame Special day graduation Nover hought rd make it Three days grade school tree days high school Those were awkond Threo days colege Im glad i took a day and hitchhiked around the ve You did come bock dferent-H Bary-Ane growing a mustache? Looks good-Hear sbout Frakie?-Yeah-You going to the funeral?-No m nat going Everybody knows sting someone you die Dont waste it on a squimel Such a hothead I guess he could have just goten out of the way I love this incorporating an amusement park into our day Thar's why we dont need vacations Boy quite a bit of pome under the orcumstances Wel Adam today we are menWe aref- Bee-men-Ame Haleljah! Students facuity diatingushed bees please welcome Dean Buzzwel Welcome Now Hive Oty graduabng dass of 15 That concludes our ceremenies And begins vour career at Honex Industriest W we pick ouriob today? theards just orientation Heads upf Here we op Keeo your hands and antennas inside the tam at all timesWender what ry be fke? A ife scory Weloome to Honex a division of Honesco and a part of the Hecagon Group This is Wow Wow We know that you as a bee have worked your whole iMe to get to the point where you can work for your whole e Honey begins when our valant Polen Jocks bring the nectar to the hive Our top-secres formula is automaticaly color-comected scent-adjusted and bubele-contoured into this soothing sweet ayup with s distincive goidon plow you know as Honey-That girt was hot-She's my cousint-She is?-Yes were al cousins -Right Youe nght-At Honex we constandy strive Saves us milions Oan anyone work on the Kreiman? Of course Most bee jobs are small ones But bees know that every smal job its done wel means a lot But choose carefuly bocause yous stay in the job you piok for the rost of your ite The same joo the rest of your ie? I ddnt know that Whirs the derence? Youl be happy to know that bees as a specles havent had one day off in 27 milon years So yous just work us to death? We ure try Wowl That blew my mindt Whats the diference? How can you say thar? One job forever? Thats an insane choicer Like what? Glive me one example t dont know But you know what fm talking about Pease clear the gate Royal Nectar Force on approach Wat a second Ofeck t out-Hey those ane Polen Jocks-Wow ve never seen them this close They know what its ke outside the hive Yeah but some don't come back Hey Jocks-H Jocks You guys did great Youre monsters You'he sky freakst I love it love -twonder where they were Idon't know Thair day's nor planned Outside he hive fying who knows where doing who knows what You cantust decide to be a Polen Jock You have to be bred for that Rght Look That's more polen than you and Iwill see in a lfetime Its just a status symbol Bees make too much of t Perhaps Unless youre wearing it and the ladies see you wearing it Those ladies? Arent they our cousins too? Distant Distant Look at these bwo-Oouple of Hive Harrys-Lrs have fun with them must be dangerous being a Polen Jock Yeah Once a bear pinned me against a mushroomt He had a paw on my throut and with the other he was sapping met-Ch myt-I ever hought d knock him out What were you doing during this? Trying to alert the authorites I can autograph that A itie gusty out there 1oday wasnt k comades? Yeah Gusty Were hing a sunfiower patch six miles from here tomerow-Six mies huN Bany A pudole jump for us but maybe you're not ক up for -Maybe 1am-You are no We're going 0900 at JGate What do you think buzzy-boy? Are you bee enough? 1might be it al depends on what 0900 means Hey Honex! Dad you surprised me You decide what youre interested in?-We there's a lot of choices But you only get one Do you ever get bored doing the same job every day? Son let me tell you about stming You grab that ick and you just move t around and you stir it around You get yours into a rhythm its a beoustl thing You know Dad the mone I think about it maybe the honey son the sorertYoure gonna be a stsrer?-No one's istening to met Wait a you see the sticks I have Icould say anything right now m gonna get an ast tatiool Lets open some honey and celabrte! Maybo r pierce my thorax Shave my anternae Shack up wih a grasshopper Get a gold tooth and call everybody daw m so proud We're starting work today- Today's the day Oome ont Althe good jobs will be gone Yeah right Polen counting sunt bee pouring sterer front desk hair removal Ists avalable?-Hang on Two left One of the's yours Oongratuasons Sep to he side-Whard you ge?-Picking crud out Selarl Wowf Oouple of newbies? Yes sirt Our frst day We are ready! Make youur cholce You want to go first?-No you go On my Whats avalable? Restroom atendants open not for the reason you think Any chance of geting the Kreiman?-Sure youre on m soy he Krelman just closed out Wax monkey's always open The Kelman opened up agan What happened?A bee ded Makes an opening Se He's dead Another dead one Deady Deadfed Tmo more dead Dead from the neck up Dead from e nack down Thacs iel On this is so hardt Heang coolng stunt bee pourer sterer humming inspector number seven int coordinator stripe suporvisor mite wrangler Bary what do you think I should Barry? Barry A right we've got the sunfower pacch in quadrant nine What happened to you? Where are you? m going out-Out? Out where? Out there Oh not I have to before I go to work for the rest of my ide Youre gonna die! Voure orary Helo? Ancther call coming in f anyone's feeing brave there's a Korean deli on 83rd that gets their roses today Hey guys-Lock at that-on't that the kid we saw yesterday? Hold i son fight deck's resricted Irs OK Lou We're gonna take him up Realy? Feeling kucky are you? Sign here here Just initial that-Thank you OK You got a rain advisory soday and as you all know bees cannet Sy in tain So be carelul As always watch your brooms hocky sticks dogs bnds bears and bats Also Igot a couple of peports of roct beer being poured on us Murphy's in a home because of babbling tke a cicadal- Thats wful And a reminder for you rookies bee law number ene absolutely no taking to humans! Al right launch positionsl Buz buzz buzz tuz Buzz butz buzz buz2 Buzz buz buzz buzz Biack and yelow! Helo You ready for this hot sho? Yeah Yea brng on Wind check Antennae check Nectar pack check Wings check Stnger check Scared out of my shorts check OK ladies lefs move t outt Pound those petunias you striped stem-suckers All of you drain those fowers Wow m out i cant beleve Im out So blue i feel so fast and free Box kile! Wow! Flowers This is Blue Leader We havee roses visual Bring it around 30 degrees and hold Roses! 30 degrees roger Bringing t around Stand to the side kid s got a bit of a kick That is one nectar colector-Ever see pollination up close?-No sie I pick up some polen here sprinkle it over here Maybe au dash over there a pinch on that one See thar? s a lele bit of magie Thars amang Why do we do that? Thars polen power More polon more fowers more nectar more honey for us Oool Im picking up a lot of bright yellow Coud be daisies Dont we need those? Copy that visual Wat One of these fowers seems to be on the move Say again? You're reporting a movieg fower? Aimative That was on the line! This is the coolest What is &? 1 don't know but m loving this color it smels good Noe lke a fowwer but i ike t Yeah uzzy Ohemical-y Oereful guys irs a sme gratby My tweet iord of beest Candy-brain get off there Probiem-Gurs!- This could be bad Afmative Very close Gonna hurt Mama's ie boy You are way out of postion ookiel Ooming in at you like a missiet Help met don't think these are fowersShouid we te him?-think he knows What is this?t Match pointe You can start packing up honey because you're about to eat Yowsert Gross There's a bee in he cart-Do something-m driving!-H bee-He's back here! He's going to sng me! Nobody move you dont move he wont sting you Freezet He binked Speay him Grannyt What are you doingt Wow the sension level out here is unbelovabie I gona get home Oant ty in rain Oant fy in rain Oanitynran Mayday Mayday Bee going downt Ken coud you close the window please? Ken could you close the window piense? Oheck out my new resume I made tinto a foid-out beochure You see? Folds out On no More humans T dont need his What was thar? Maybe ths tme This time This tme Ths tme! This ome! This Drapest That is disboical s fantassc i's got all my speoial sks even my top-den tavorte movies What's number cne? Star Wans? Nah 1 dont go for thatknd of stuff No wonder we shouldnt tak to them They're out of their minds When I leave ajob interview theyre fabborgasted cant beleve what I say There's the sun Maybe tha's a wty out I dont remember the sun having a big 75 on t i predicted gobal warming Icould feel it geting hotter Al St thought wats ust me Waif Stop Beel Stand back These are winter boots Wat Dan't hmt You know m alergc to thet This thing could kl mel Why dons his e have less value thas yours? Why does Nis ie have any less value than mine? is that your satement? 'm juat saying all e has value You don't know what he's capatie of feeling My brochure! Thore you go itle quy not scared of him I's an aleegic thieg Put that on your esume calones Bye I gotta say something She saved my We I gotta say something Al night here it goes Nah What would I say?1 could realy get in touble It's a bee law Youre not supposed to tak to a human 1 cant beleve Im doing this Ive got to Oh I cant do it Ocme on No Yes No Doit Icant How should I start You te jazz No that's no good Hare she comest Speak you foat He Tm somy-Youre taking-Yes 1know Youre taking Tm so sorry No ta OK its fne Iknow m dreaming But I don't recal going to bed Wel Em sure this is vory disconcertings This is a bit of a surprise to me Imean youhe a beet I am Aed fm not supposed to be doing this but they were al bying to k me And wasnt for you I had to thank you it's jst how I was raised That was a lttle weind fm taking wth a bee-Yoah fm taking to a bee And the bee is taling to mel just want to say Im grateut loave now Wait How dd you loan to do tat? Wha The taking hing Same way you did 1 guess Mama Dada honey You pick it up Thars very funny- Yeah Beos are funny we didnt laugh wed ory weth what we have to deal with Anyway Oan Lget you somethirg?-Lke what? I don't know ImeanI dont know Oofee? I dont want to put you out Ifs no trouble takes two minutes-s just cofee-Ihate to impose Dot be ridiculoust-Actualy I would love a cup Hey you want rum cake? shouldn't-Have some-No cant-Come on m trying to lose a couple micrograms-Whene?-These stripes dont hep You look great I don't knowt you know anything about fashion Are you all right? No He's making the be in the cab as theyre tyng up Madison He Snaly ges there He nuns up he steps into the church The wedding is on And he says Watemelon?ihought you saa Guatemalan Why would i mary a watermelon? is that bee joke? Thats the kind of stuf we do Yeah dferent So what are you gona do Bary? About work? I don know Iwant o do my part for the hive but 1 cant do it the way they want know how you feel You do? Sure My parents warted me to be a tawyer or a doctor but t wanted to be a fonst Realy? My only interest is flowers Our new queen was just elected with that same campaign slogan Anyway f you look There's my hive right there See 7 Youre in Sheep Meadow! Yest im nght off the Tute Pond! No wayt i know that area 1lost a toe eng there once- Why do girts put rings on their toos?-Why nor? It's wo puting a hat on your knee Maybe r by that You al right ma am?-Oh yeah Fine Junt having two cups of cofeoe Anyway this has been great Thanks for the cofee Yeah e's no trouble Sory I coudnt ish dd rd be up the rest of my le Are you Oan i take a piece of this wie me? Sure Hre have a crumb-Thanks Yeah A ight Wel then I guess see you around Or not OK Bary And thank you so much again for bafore On rat? That was nothing Wel net nothing but Anyway This cant possibly work He's a set to go We may as wol try it OK Dave pull the chute Sounds amazing was amazing t was he scariest happlest moment of my We Humans I can't believe you were with humans Gant scary humans What were they te? Huge and orazy They tak crazy They eat orazy giant things They drive crazy Do they try and kill you e on TV7- Some of them But some of them dont-Howd you get bock?-Poodie You did and rm glad You saw whatever you wanted to see You had your experience Now you can pick out younob and be nomal-Wel We? Woll Imet someone You die Was she Bee-ish?-Awasp? Your parents wi ki yout-No no no not a wasp Spider?-m not atracted to spiders Iknow ts the hotest thing with the eght legs and al I cant get by that face So who she? Shes buman No no Thats a bee law You wouldn't break a bee law-Her name's Vanessa-Oh boy She's so nice And she's a foris Oh not Youre dating a human forist! Were not dasing Youre ying ouside the hive taking to humans that attack our homes with power washers and M-B0st One-eighhth a stick of dynamibel She saved my fe! And she understands me This is overs Eat this This is not overt What was thal7-They call i a crumb it was so stingin stripey! And that's not what they eat That's what fals off what they eat-You know what a Oienabon is?-No Its bread and onnamon and frosting They heat t up S down realy hot- Listen to melt We are not hem Were us There's us and here's teml Yes but who can demy the heart that is yeaming? There's no yeaming Stop yeaming Lishen to mel You have got so start thinking bee my tend Thinking bee- Thinking bee-Thinking bee Thining beel Thinking beal Thinking beet Thinking beel There he is He's in the pool You know what your problem is Bary? I gota start hining bee? How much longer will this go on? s been three dayat Why aren't you working? Pve got a lot of big ife decisions to think about What ife? You have no fe You have no jo You're barelya bee Would it kil you to make a ie honey? Bary come out Your father's taking to you Martin would you tak to him? Bany m taing to you! You coming? Got everything? Al set Go ahead h catch up Dont be too long Wach this Vanessal- We're still here I told you not to yell at him He doesn't respond to yeling!-Then why yell at me?-Because you don't lstent m not istening to this Somy Ive gotta go-Where are you going-m meebng a frend A gir? is this why you cant decide? Bye jst hope she's Bee-ish They have a huge parade of fowers every year in Pasadena? To be in the Tournament of Roses that's every forisfs dreamt Up on a Soat surrounded by fowers crowds cheening A tournament Do the roses compele in athletic events? No All right ve got one Howr come you don't ty everywhere? Itse eshaussng Why dont you run everywhere? Its faster Yeah OK I see Isee All night your tum Tive You can just treeze ve TV? Thats insanet You dont have that? We have Hiv but s adeease Its a homile hombie disease Oh my Dumb bees You must wart to sang al those it's a bug He's not bothening anybody Get out of here you creept What was that? A P N Save crcular? Yeah it was How did you know? felt lke about 10 pages Seventy-Eve is prety much our limit Youve realy got that down to a solence-lost a cousin to halan Vogue-ri bet What in the name of Mighty Rercidess this? How did ths get here? Oute Bee Goiden Blossom Ray Liota Privae Selec?-s he that actor?-I never heard ol him-Why is this here?-For people We eat it You don have enough food of your own?-Wel yes-How do you get i Bees make it-tknew who makes And ts hand to make There's heasing cocling saming You need a whole Kman thing-Its organic-ts our-ganict ts just honey Bary Just whar Bees dont know about thist This is steaingl A lot of steaing! You've taken our homes schools hospitals! This is all we have! And its on sale? fm getting to the botom of this m getng to the botom of all of this! Hey Hector You almost done?-Almost He is here i sense t Wet tguess go home now and just leave this nice honey out with no one around Voure busted bow boy knew I heard something So you can tak I can tak And now yous start taingt Where you getting the sweet stut? Who's your suppler? I dont understand I thought we were frends The last thing we want to do s upset bees! Youre too latef t's ours nowt You sr have crossed the wrong sword You sit wi be undch for my iguana Ignaciol Where is the honey coming fromTell me wherel Honey Fams! comes from Honey Farms! Orazy person What homble thing has happened here These faces they never knew what hit hem And now theyre on the road to nowhere Just keep s What? Youre not de? Do iook dead? They will wipe anything that moves Where youu headed? To Honey Farms I as onto something huge hene m going to Alaska Moose blood crary stuf Blows your head off Im going to Tacoma-And you?-He really is dead Al nighe Un oht Whot is mar?- Oh not Awiper Trele biade! Trple blade? Jump ont It's your only chance bee! Why does everything have to be so doggone clean? How much do you people need to see? Open your eyest Stick your head out the window From NPR News in Washington Im Oarl Kasel But dont kil no more bugs-Beet-Moose blood guy-You hear something? Like what? Lke iny screaming fun off the radio Whassup bee bay? Hey Bood Just a row of honey jars as far as he eye could see Wowl I assume whenever this trucka goes is where theyre geting it mean that honey's ours-Bees hang tahe-We re al jammed in Its a cose communty Not us man We on our own Every mosquito on his own- What if you get in trouble?-You a mosquto you in rouble Nobody lkes u They just smack See a mosquito smack smack At least you're out in the wold You must meet gits Mosquto gits try to rade up get with a moth dragonty Mosquito gi dont wt no mosquto You got to be kidding met Mooseblood's about to leave the building! So long beet-Hey guyat-Moosobloodt knew rd catch yal down here Did ycu tring your orazy straw? We trow it in jars siap a label on and it's prety much pure prot What is ths piace? A bee's got a brain the sze of a pinhead They are pirheads Pinhead Oheck out the new smoker Oh swoet Thafs the one you want The Thomas 3000 Smoker? Ninety pus a minute semi-automotic Twice the nicotine all the tar A couple breaths of this knocks them right out They make the honey and we make the money They make the honey and we make the money On my Whar's going on Are you OKT Yeah doesnt ast soo long Do you know youre in a fake hive with fake was? Our queen was moved here We had no choice This is your queen Thar's a man in women's clothesl Thats a drag queeet What is th? Ch nel There's hundneds of theem! Bee honey Our honey is being brazenly stolen on a massve scalet This is worse than anything bears have donel 1 intend to do something Oh Bary stop Who sold you humans ane taking our honey? Thafs a numoe Do these look ke numors? Thars a conspiracy theory These are obvicusly doctored photcs How did you get mised up in this? He's beon talkireg to humans What? Taking to humars Ha has a human gifriend And they make outl Make out? Bary! We do not-You wish you could Whose side are you on? The beest f dated a cricket once in San Antonio Those crazy legs kept me up all night Bary this is what you wart to do with your life? I want to do t for all our lves Nobody works hander than bees DadI remember you coming home so overworked your hands were st stmng You couldn't stop I remember that What night do thay have to our honeys We lve on two cups a year They put in p baim for no reason whatsoeve Even its true what can one bee do? Sting then where t realy hurts is the facel The eyel-That would hurt-No Up the nose? Thars a ker There's only one place you can sing the humans one place where maters Hve a Fve the ve's only fu-hour actsion news source No more bee beards! Weh Bob Bumble at he anchor desk Weather with Stom Sanger Sports wi Buzz Larv And Jeanee Ohung Good avening m Bob Bunble And he Jeanea Ohung Ati-county bee Barry Benson intends to soe the human race for stealing our honey packaging it and profting from it Begally! Tomorrow night on Beo Larry King we have three lormer gueens here in our studo discussing heir new book Olassy Ladies out this week on Hexagon Tonight we're talings to Bary Benson Did you ever ink Tm a kid from the hNve I cant do this Bees have never been atraid to change the world What about Bee Oolumbua? Boe Gandh? Bejesus? Where m from we'd never sue humans We were thinking of stickbal or candy stores How old are you? The bee community is supporting you in this case which wil be the trial of the bee century You knew hey have a Lary King in the human world too Its a common name Next week He looks lke you and has a show and suspenders and colored dots Next aek dlasses quotes on the botom from the guest even hough you just heard em Bear Week next week Theyre scary thairy and here live Always leans fonward pointy shoulders squinty eyes very Jewish In tennis you atack at the poiet of weakness It was my grandmother Ken She's 81 Honey her backhand's a jokel Im not gonna take advantage of that Quiet please Actual work going on here Is that that same bee? Yes it is m helpng him sue the human race Helo Helo bee This is Ken Yeath I remember you Timberland size ten and a hal Vibram sole I beleve Why does he lalk agan? Lsen you betber go Cause were realy buay working But is our yogurt night Bye-bye Why s yogurt night so difficuit ou poor thing You two have been at this for thours! Yos and Adam here has been a huge hep-Frossing-How many sugans? Just one ty not to use the compettion So why are you helping me? Bees have good qualtes And it taes my mind off the shop instead of Sowers people are gving balcon bouquets now Those are great youse thee And arsfical fowers-Oh those just get me paychotie Yeah me too Bent stingers poindess polinaton Bees must hatle those fake things! Nothing worse than a datodl tha's had work deone Maybe tis could make up forta ime bt This wsuits a prety big deal-guess You sure you want to go through with As Isure? When Fm done with ther humare they wont be abie to say Honey m home wthout payng a royaly Ifs an inoredible soene here in downtown Manhattan where the world aniously wats because for the first Gme in history we will hear for oursalves ia honeybee can actualy speak What have we goten into here Bary? it's prety big it cant beleve how many humans dont work during the day You think blion-dolar multinational food companies have good lwyers? Everybody needs to stay behind the bamcade-Wha's the matter?-I don't know I just got a chl Well isn the bee team You boys work on this All rise The Honorable Judge Bumbleton presicing Al rgt Oase number 4475 Superior Oourt of New York Barry Bee Benson v the Honey industry is now n session Me Montgomery you're representing the Sve food companies collectively? Al privlege Mr Benson you're representing al the bees of the world? fm kidding Yes Your Honor were ready to proceed M Mongomery your opening statement please Ladies and gentlemen of the jury my grandmother was a simple woman Bom on a fanm she believed it was man's divine right to beneft from the bounty of nature God put before us If we ived in the topsy-urvy world Mr Benson imagines just think of what would a mean I would have to negosate with the sikwom for the elastic in my britches! Taling beet How do we know this isn't some sort of holographic motion-pichure-capture Holywood wizardry? They could be using laser beamst Roboicst Ventriloguism Cloning For a we know he could be on steroids! Mr Benson? Lades and gentlemen there's no trickery here Im junt an ordinary bee Honey's pretty important to me Irs importat to al bees We invented tt We maket And wa protect it with our Ives Unfortunately there are some people in this room who think they can take it from us 'cause we're the ite guys m hoping that ater this is all over you see how by taking our honay you not only take everyhing we have but everything we are! I wish he'd dress ike that all the time So nice! Oall your first witness So M Klauss Vandemayden of Honey Farms big company you have I suppose so I see you also own Honeyburnon and Honvonl Yes they provide beckeepers for Our farms Beekeeper I find that to be a very disturbing tem I don't imagine you employ any bee-free-ers do you?-No tcouldn't hear you - No No Because you don ee bees You keep bees Not only that it seems you thought a bear would be an approprate image for a jar of honey They're very lovable creatures Yog Bear Fozzie Bear Buid-A-lear Vou mean lke his? Bears ks bees Howd you ke his head crashing through your living room Biting into your ocouch! Spitting out your throw plows! OK that's enough Take him aay So Mr Sting thank you for being her Your name intrigues meWhere have heard & before?-1 was wih a band called The Police But you've never ben a police oficer have you? No 1 havent No you hawent And so here we have yet ancther example of bee culture casualy solen by a tuman for nohing more man a peance-about sage name O pioase Have you ever been stung Mr Sbng? Because fm foeing a itne stung Sing Or should I say Mr Gondon M Sumnor Thats not hs real name? You idiotil Mr Liota trst belated congrotulations on your Emmy win for a guest spot on ER in 2005 Thank you Thank you I see from your resume thhat you're devilishly handsome with a chuming inser turmol tha's ready to blow I enjoy what I d0 Is that a crime? Not yet t isn't But s this what its come to for you? Exploang tny helpless beees so you don't have to rehoarse your pat and leam your ines san Watch Bonsont I could blow right now Ths isnta goodlela This is a badtela Why doesnt someone ust step on this creep and we can al go home1-Order in this court!- You're a thinking Ordert Onder I say-Say it-M Liota please st down! 1 think it was awfuly nice of that bear to pich in ike that 1 tnk the jury's on our side Are we doing everyhing ght tegally? m a forat Right Welt hene's to a great toam 1o a great team! Wel helo Kent-HeloI ddnt thnk you were coming No Iwas just tae Itried to cal but the battery ddnt wane all this to go to waste so I caled Bary Luckiy he was free Oh that was kucky There's a itte let I could hoat t up Yeah heat t up sure whatover SoI hear you're qute a lennis player Tm not much for the game myse The bal's a me grabby Thafs where I unualtyy st Right thore Ken Bary was looking at your resume and he agreed wth me that eating with chopsicks isnt realy a special sk Wou think I don't see what youre doing?inow how hard t is to find the rightiob We hagve that in common Do wez Bees have 100 percent emplayment but we do jobs lke taking te crud out Thats just what I was thinkng about doing Ken I let Bary bomow your razor for his fuzz I hape that was all night m going to drain the old stinger Yeah you do that Look at that You know rve just about had twih your ittle ind games-What's thar?-aan Vogue Mamma ma thot's a lot of pages A lot of ads Remamber what Van said why is your lfe mone valuable than mine? Furny I jut cant seem to recal tha Itnk something sinks in beref I love the smel of Sowers How do you like the smel of tames Not as much Waner bug Not taking sidest Kan Im weaning a Chapesck hat This is pathesic Ive got issuest Wel well wel a royal fush-Youhe bluffng Am 17 Surfs up dudel Poo woter That bowl is grnarty Except for those dity yellow ningst Kenneth What are you doing You know I dont even tke honeyt I donteat it We need to tald He's just a itte beel And he happens to be the nicest bee ve met in a long sme! Long sme? What are you talking about? Are there other bogs n your fe? No but thore are other things bugging me in ite And you're one of them Fine Taking bees no yoqurt night My nerves are red from niding on this emotional roller cosler Goodbye Ken And for your informaon I prefer sugar-free artical sweeteners made by mant fs somy about al that I know itns got an atertaste! I ke always felt thare was some kind of bamer betwean Ken and me tcouldnt ovarcome Oh we Aro you OK for the trial? I balievo Mr Montgomery is sbout out of ideas We would ke to cat Mr Bary Benson Bee to the stand Good ideal You can sealy see why ha's considered one of the best lawyersYeah Layton youve gotta weave some magic with this jury or ts gonna be alt over Dont wory The only thing 1 have to do to turn is jury around is to remind them of whet they don't like about bees Vbu got the tweezers? Are you alergic? Only to losing son Only to losing Mr Benson Bee ni ask you what I think we'd all ike to know What esacty is your relationship to that woman? Were triendds Good trends? Ves How good? Do you ive together? Wait a minute Are you her itte bedoug? rve sean a bee documentary or two Frome what I understand doesnt your queen give birth to all the beo children?-Yeah but So those aent your real parents-Ch Bary-Yes they aret Hold me backt Youre an egitimale bee arent you Benson? He's denouncing bees! Dont y'all date your cousins?-Cejectiont-m Singing's the only thing they knowt its their way!-Adam stay with me-I cant feel my legs What angel of mercy will come forward to suck the poison from my heaving butocks? I will have onder in this court Order! Order please! The case of the honeybees versus the human race took a ponted tun against the bees yestrday when one of their egal wam stug Layton T Montgomery-Hey buddy Hey Is there much pain?-Yeah 1 1 bew the whole case didnt 1? it doest mater Wat maters is you're alve You coud have ded rd be better ot dead Lock a me They got it from the cafeteria downstairs in a tuna sandwich Look hore's a ite celery sst on it What was lke to sting someone? I cant explain tRwas all A adrenaline and then and then ecstasyt All right You think it was al a trap? Of course m sory 1 flew us right into this What were we thinking? Look at us We're just a couple of tugs in his world What will the humans do to us if they win?i dont know I hear they put the roaches in motois That doesn't sound so bad Adam they check in but hoy dont check out Oh my Oould you get a unse t dose that window? Why?- The smoke Beos dont smoke Right Bees dot smoke Bees dont smoke! But some bees are smoking Thats Thats our casel It is? It's not over? Get dressed ive gota go somewhere Get back to the court and stal Stall any way you can And assumng youve dane step carectly youhe seady for the tub Mr Flayman Yes? Yes Your Honort Where is the rest of your team? We Your Honor s interesting Bees are trained to ty hapharardly andd as a resut we dont make very good sime I actaly head a furiny story about Your Hono havent ese nidiculous bugs taken up enough of this courts valable time?Howr much longer wll we alow these aosurd shenanigans to go on? They havee presented no compeling evidence to support their charges against my cients who nun legitmate busineises Imove for a complote dismissal of this entre casel Mr Flayman fm afaid m going to have to consider Mr Montgomery's moton But you cantt We tave a semfe case Where is your proo? Where is the evidence? Show me the smokdng gun Hold Your Honor Yeu want a smoking gun? Here is your smoking gun What is that? Its a bee smokert What this This harmiess e contrapton? This couldnt hurt a fy let alone a bee Look at what has happened to bees who have never been asked Smoking or non? Is this what nalue intonded for u? To be forcibly addicted to smoke machines and man-made wooden sat work camps Living out our ives as honey sves to the white man?-What are we goena do?-He's playing the sspecies card Ladies and gendemen ploase tree tese bees! Feee Bhe bees! Free the bees! Free the bees! Free the bees Free the bees The court Sinds in favor of the beest Vanessa wewont I knew you could do it High-fivet Sory f O You know what Pis means? Al the honey will finaly belong to the bees Now we won't have to work so hard all the tme This is an unholy perversion ef the balance of nature Benson Youll regret is Barry how much honey a out there? Al right One at a tme Bary who are you wearing? My sweater is Ralch Lauren andi have no panei-What if Montgomery's righe?-What do you mean? Weve been iving the bee way a long time 27 milion years Oongratulaons on your victory What will you demand as a setlement? First we' demand a complete shutdown of all bee work camps Then we wont back the honey that was ours to begin wih every last drop We demand an end to the glonfication of the bear as anything more than a Sthy emely bad-6reath stink machine We're all aware of what they do in the woods Wait for my signal Take him out Het have nauseous for a few hours then hel be fine And we will no longer tolerate bee-negative nicknamesBut ifsust a prance-about stage nameunnecessary inclusion of honty in bogs health products and la-dee-da human tea-lime snack garmishments Oantbreathe Bring in boya Hold it right theraf Good Tap it Mr Buzrwell we just passed three cups and there's galios more comingt- k we need to shut down-Shut down? We've never shut down Shut cown honey productiont Stop making honey Tun your key set What do we do now? Oannonbal Were shuting onay production Mssion abort Aborting polinanon and neciar detail Returning to base Adam you wouldt beleve how much honey was out therer Oh yesh? What's going on? Where is everybody?Are they out celebeating?-Theye home They dort know what to do Laing out sleeping n I heard your Uncle Oart was on his way to San Antonio witha cricket At least we got our honey back Sometmes think so what if humanse liked our honey? Who wouldn? is the greatest hing in the word! I was excited to be part of making t This was my new dosk This was my new job I waned to do it realy wel And now Now I cant I don't undenstand why theyre not happy I thought their ives would be bettert They're doing nothing Its amaing Honey realy changes people You dont have any ides whats going on do you?-What dd you wart to show me?-This What happened here? That is not the half of it Oh no Oh my Theyre all witing Doesnt look very good does t? No And whose fau do you hink that is7 You know m gonna guess bees Bees? Specificaly me I didt ink bees not needing to make honey would afect all these tings it's notust fowers Frus vegetables they at need bees Thats our whole SAT test right there Take aay produce hat afects the enire animal kingdom And then of course The human species? So if there's no more polinaton Ecould all just go south here couidn't it? I know the is also partly my feault How about a suioide pact? How do we do ?-r sting you you step on me Thaust kils you twice Right right Lister Bary somy but I gotta get going I had to open my mouth and tak Vanessa? Vanessa? Why are you leauing? Where are you going? To the final Tournament of Roses parade in Pasadena They've moved to this weekend because al the fowers are dying Irs the last chance evee have to see it Vanessa tjust wanna say Tm sory i never meant it to bun out liee this I know Me neither Toumament of Roses Roses cant do sports Wat a minue Roses Roses? Roses Vanessa Roses?1 Bary?-Roses are fowers-Yes they are Flowers boes poilent i know Thats why this is he ast parade Maybe not Oouid you ask han to slow down Oould you slow down? Barryt OK I made a huge mistake This is a total disaster all my fault Ves it kind of is ve uined the planetI wanted to help you with the Sower shop ve made worse Actualy ifs completely closed down i thought maybe you were remodeling But I have another idea and its greator than my previous ideas combined I den't want to hear A night they have the roses the roses have the polen 1know every bee plant and fower bud in this pak All we gotta do is get what theyve got back here wth what we've got-Bees-Park-Pollent-Flowers-Repolination-Across the nation! Tournament of Roses Pasadena Oadomia Thayve got nothing but flowers oats and coton candy Security wil be tight I have an idea Vanessa Bloome FTD Ofical foral business Its real Sony maam Nice brooch Thank you it was a gt Once inide we jt plo the right oat How about The Princess and the Poa? I could be the princess and you could be the peal Yes I pot i-Where shoud ist?-What are you? Ibeleve m the pea The pea? it goes under the maresses Not in this faiy tale sweetheat-m geing the marshal You do har This whole parade is a Sascof Lets see what this babyl de Hey what are you dong?1 Then all we do is blend in wth trafficwithout arousing uspicion Once at the airport there's no stopping us Stop Security You and your ineoct pack your foat?-Yes Has it beon in your possession the entro time? Would you remove your shoes?-Ramove your stnger s part of meI know Just havng some fun Enjoy your fight Then it we're lucky we have just enough polen to do the job Oan you beleve how lucky we ane? We have just enough polen to do the jobt i k this is gonne work Its got to work Atention pessengers this is Oaptain Sco We have a bt of bad weather in New York It looks ike welh Whatd you say Ha? Nothing Bee Dont freak out My entire species What are you doing?- Wat a minute! m an attomeyt-Who's an atomey? Dont move On Bary Good añemoon pasoengers Thia is your captain Wouid a Miss Vanessa Bloome in 248 please report to the Vanessa Bloome Im a forist from New York Where's the plot? He's unconsdious and so is the coplot Not good Does anyone onboard have fight experience? As a maer of fact there isWho's thar?-Bamry Benson From the honey tralt Oh great Vanessa this is nothing mored than a big metal bee It's got giant wings huge engines I cant ty a plane-Why not Isnt John Travota a pilct?-Yes How tard couldin be? Wat Bary! Were headed into some Sghtning This is Bob Bumble We have some late-breaking news from JFKArport whene a sunpenselul scene is developng Bary Benson tresh trom his egat victory Thafs Bamrys atempting to land a piane loaded with poople fowers and an incapactated fight orew Flowers?t We have a stom in the area and two individuals at the conrols wth aboolutely no fight xperience Just a minute There's a bee on that plane m quite famar with M Benson and s noaccoun compadres They've done enough damage But isnt he your only hope? Technically a bee shouldn be able to fly at all Their wings are too smal Havent we heard this a mition Smes? The surface area of the wings and body mass make no sense-Get is on the airt-Got-Stand by-We're going live The way we work may be a mystery to you Making honey takes a lot of bees doing a lot of smal obs But iet me tel you about a smal joe you do itwel it makes a Beop-beep Barry what happened? Wait Itink we were on autoplot tho whole sme-That may have boen helping me And now we're not So t turns out I cannot y a piane All of you lefs get behind this felow Move out Move out! Our only chance is if i do what rd do you cogy me with the wings of the planel Dont have to yell m no yeling We're in a lot of trouble ts very hard to concentrate with that panicky tone in your volcet Its not a tone F panicking I cant do this! Venessa pu yourself together You have to snap out of You snap out of it You snap out of it-You snap out of it-You snap out of it-You snap out of tt-You snap out of -You seap out of -You snap out of i-Hold e-Why Oome on irs my tum How is the plane fying? I dont know Helie? Benson got any flowers for a happy occasion in tere? The Polen Jocks They do get behind a felow-Black and yeliow Helo All night let's drop this tin can on the blacktop Where? i cant see anything Oan you? No nothing ts all cloudy Oome on You got to think boe Bary-Thinking bee- Thinking bee Thinking bee Thinking bee! Thieking beet Wa beel-Vanessa aim for the flower-K Out the engines Were going in on bee power Ready boys? Armativef Good Good Easy now That's it Land on that fowert Ready? Ful neverse Spin t around-Not that fower The ofther one-Which one?-That Sowor-tm aming at the fower That's a fat guy in a fowered shirt I mean the giant pulsating fower made of milions of bees Pul forward Nose down Tal up Rota round it-This is insane Bary-This's the only way I know how to y Am 1 koo-koo-kachoo or is this plane flying in an insecke patem Get your nose in there Dont be afraid Smel it Ful reverse! Just drop it Be a part of it Am for the centert Now drop t int Deop it in womant Oome on already Bary we dd You taught ma how to flyt- Yos No high-ivet Right Bary it worked! Dd you see the gant fower? What glant dower? Where? Of course I saw the flower That was genius!-Thank you But were not done yet Listen everyone! This nunway is covered with the last polen from the last fowers avalable anywthere on Earth That means this is our last chance Were the only ones who make honey polinate fowers and dress ke this If we'ree gonna survive as a species tis is our moment What do you say Are we going to be bees oruat Museum of Natural History keychains? We're beest Keychaint Then fotow met Except Keychain Hold on Bary Here Youve eamed nex? Would you like some honey with that? t is bee-approved Dont forget mese M cream cheese is all me And I dont see a nickell Semetimes 1just feel ke a piece of mea had no idea Bay m sory Have you got a moment? Would you ascuse ma? My mosquito associate wl help you Somy Tm late He's a lawyer too? Iwas aiready a blood-sucking parasite All I needed was a briefcase Have a great aftemoon Bany I just got this huge tulo onder and I cant get them anywhere No problem Varnie Just leave t to me Youre a ifesaver 8ary Oan I help who's net? A ight sorambie jocks! s sme to fy Thank you Bamyt Thae bee is tving my fel Let ie go Kenny-When wt this nightmare end?-Let it at go-Beauttd eay to fy-Sure is Between you and me Iwas dying to get out of that office You have got to start thinking bee my I present The Bee Movie Meme

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