rosie knight @RosieMarx That's literally what Frankenstein is about MORE NEWS FLAKENSTEINS Snowflake students claim Frankenstein's monster was 'misunderstood' - and is in fact a VICTIM One professor even claimed that the murdering monster could have been protected by human rights laws today By Gary O'Shea and Thea Jacobs 5th March 2018 1144 pm portmanteau-bot fangsandrainbows systlin entrailcupcakes ghoulvalentines Losers Didn’t Actually Read Frankenstein Write an Article About It Anyway More at 11 This article was written by one of the townspeople Mary Shelly is going to rise from the grave to slap the person who wrote this article …*inhales deeply* inhales + deeply = inhaleeplyBeep-boop Portmanteau^bot^1Think that you are ok Think that you are well-dressed Think that you are deep Meme

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