Rowan Morgana 2014 Lammas Goddesses Anat Blodeuwedd Ceres Cerridwen Demeter lsis Sif Gods-Adonis Hercules Tammuz Lugh odin Loki Baal Colors Orange gold yellow citrine gray tones Yellow diamonds adventurine sardonyx citrine Animals roosters calves stags phoeni griffins centaurs Plants Corn rice wheat rye & ginseng Herbs- Acacia flowers aloes calendula cornstalks cyclamen frankincense heather hollyhock myrtle oak leaves sunflower vervain Incense Aloes rose rose hips rosemarychamomile passionflower frankincense & sandalwood s Foods Homemade breads corn potatoes berry pies barley cakes nuts wild berries apples rice roasted lamb acorns crab apples summer squash turnips oats all grains and all First Harvest foods Traditional drinks are elderberry wine ale & meadowsweet tea Universal blessings <3 ~Kat The Original Tarot on Point Meme

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