Roy Wood Jr- Ex Jedi Graywoodj White lady just came and sat down in our VIP Didn't even say hello Trying to decide how to handle this Pretty sure this is how colonization started RESERVED 46 PM-6 Jan 2018 487 Retweets 1845 Likes900e Roy Wood Jr- Ex Jedi Groywoodj And now her boyfriend just sat down These undocumented VIP immigrants coming over here w no paperwork 50 PM-6 Jan 2018 from Atlanta GA 缑 137 Retweets 838 Likes Roy Wood Jr-Ex Jedi Ф @roywoodir 13h I know you're all saying I should kick them out but how does that help anything? You create a race ally by making them buy all of us a bottle To be continued 041 52 ㅇ510 Roy Wood Jr- Ex Jedio @roywoodjr 13h And two becomes three Roy Wood Jr- Ex Jedi o The homie Michael Che said if we kick them out it's for sure another 3 votes for Trump in 2020 1014 PM-6 Jan 2018 from Georgia Railroad Freight Depot 85 Retweets 995 Likes Roy Wood Jr- Ex Jedi Trump 2020 1030 PM-6 Jan 2018 56 Retweets 825 Likes 0 36 <p>I guess they didn&rsquot send their bests via rBlackPeopleTwitter<p> Meme

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