ROYAL PALM HOTEL GALAPAGOS FITNESS ROOM RULES Closed-toe athletic footwear required Appropriate athletic wear required at all times Water and sports drinks in closed resalable plastic containers are permitted Food and glass containers are not permitted within the Gym Area Guests assume all risks that may arise out of or result from the use of the equipment or facilities provided by the hotel ALWAYS REMEMBER TO PLAY ITSAFE AND REDUCE YOUR RISK OF INJURY Begin your exercise program slowly with low-intensity exercises Warm up before exercising and cool down afterwards Drink water before during and after your workout session even if you don't feel thirsty Dress appropriately for the temperature outdoors or opt for an indoor activity if it's very hot or cold If you have specific health conditions discuss your exercise and physical activity plan your health care provider ance Listen to your body Your breathing may become faster Flexibility Always warm up before stretching exercises-a few minutes of walking works well but you should still be able to talk For Assistance please approach to the Front Desk LIFESTYLE HOTELS &RESORTS You can only bing in bottles if you are able to sell them after your workout Meme

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