rrozeselavy-deactivated-deactiv ich ppl are like so easily convinced abt ghosts remember growing up it was near this vacant lot and whenever l broke a toy instead of going to face the wrath of my mother I would fucking bury it in that lot and then sure enough some dude tried to develop the land and found a ton of buried rotten dolls and shit and told everyone it was haunted it's been over a decade and that lot is still vacant johnnyfourballs You single handedly tanked the value of someone's prime real estate and that makes me happy derinthemadscientist As soon as l read this l immediately started thinking of ways to do this on purpose to get cheap land and was ve posts down my dash before I rea lised I was becoming Scooby Doo villain smallest-feeblest-boggart T hose meddling kids were the true villains all along 255394 notes ifunnyce Meme

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