S Sofia created a poll March 4 at 1033 PM ever since i moved to Europe almost every single meal i've shared someone there comes a point where someone asks 'how do you say bon inenglish' and then i have appétit dobar tek eet smakelijk explain that this expression essentially doesn't exist in English except for the incredibly informal 'chow down' to which they always respond in mixture of horror or confusion after all 'bon appétit' comes from French and it often has an air of pretension or irony and 'enjoy your meal can really only be said by someone not participating in the meal or am i wrong? what English-only phrase do YOU say before a meal? welcome to flavortown bone app the teeth +78 let's eat +71 dig in! +58 Enjoy! +56 RUB A DUB DUB THANKS FOR THE +41 GRUB We luv our bread we luv our butter but +38 most of all we luv each other 1 0+ Commencing operation mastication +31 0+ i wanna munch +29 Bone apple tea +28 Osteoporosis 2 +19 G'appetite +16 --- Ah I greatly consuming this food which is definitely not human flesh 0+ +16 eat up +14 17 OM NOM NOM NOM +10 0+ i think dogs should be able to vote +9 7 2468 dig in don't wait AMOE 0+ Blonde amputee +8 Help yourself +6 tuck in +6 time to dig in +6 shallmst we nom? +5 Boom map the sheets +4 Bone fuck my Ray Romano BluRay +4 Phone apple jeans +3 eat up martha +3 it's time to mönchit's time to crönch +3 M food +2 happy masticating +2 muaddibblerThe most impressive communal shitpost I’ve yet seen from a linguistics Facebook group Meme

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