sadman ueen -stale cinnamon roll -loves cats -stays awake 'til 3am -has a killer smile -she's beauty she's grace -she'll punch you in the face -into the latest fashion -knows how to werk it haps aloha -smol but will fight you -down the earth -good with animals -thinks he can dance -loud personality -makes dad jokes knows your deepest secrets -celebrates everything coolkui lus-meanie -wholesome -wholesom e -WHOLESOME -likes beautiful things -obsessed with power -intj personality type -your oss WHOLESOME a boi umes -ean rap freestyle -the artist friend -ex-honor roll student -faseinated by the 'S' thing -doesn't take any bs -experimental makeup guru -the big sister friend -fights against the system SITHISTS sithisistag yourselves im sadman Meme

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