'Said the Spider to the Flies' Maybe in a sense Beelzebub is the spider and the pack are the flies I get he's the Lord of the Flies but bear with me Spiders tend to catch flies in their webs so maybe the villian's tactic is to infiltrate their minds in a way and use their desires to get to them For example there's a clip of Lydia saying Where is he? She could possibly be talking about Stiles the person she desires who has been away for so long It could also possibly explain the Scott-Malia shower scene It's probably Malia's desire so be it Scott or just to find someone to care for her-love her In theological sources predominately Christian Beelzebub is another name for the devil similar to Satan which makes sense as to why using desire could be a thing i literally thoUGHT OF THIS IN THE SHOWer aND IM PRETTY SURE IT DOESNT MAKE SENSE BUT OH WELL ITS JUST A THEORY Meme

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