saintcucumbers Can someone please tell me what it means when an owl LITERALLY fucking swims towards you and then stares you down?? Like look at it?? Literally flew past me and my my friend it was so close that the wings touched our faces shiraglassman It's reminding you to do your Duolingo practice demonladytakkuri The real answer is that it really wants you to go away That's a fledgling great horned owl they're known for being generally ballsy and aggressive and owls have been known to both climb trees and swim through still water in a pinch Most likely full scenario the bird was practicing flying but it fell because it's still a kid and they do that It probably fell inby the water It then was like Oh Damn Oh Jesus and decided it was not in fact a duck and headed to you and was utterly offended but confused on what to do So it decided to Square Up and face you like the hellbeast it is The pose it's taking in the pic is one I affectionately call Full Orb A fully orbed owl is 100% READY to FIGHT 1v1 no items final destination You were probably its first up close encounter with a human and since birds tend to associate larger animals with predators it tried to make itself look as big as possible to make sure you know what's up It was staring you down because it was waiting to see you make the first move in the dual or flee in fear from its superior owl might timatisblog This reply made this post ette karmacharmeleon18 me oh hello little owl owl i will fuck you up aterrasilvershade Owl I am lorge! Get spooked! Questionable owl encounters Meme

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