Sam Lake ain't afraid of no police bruh Christchurch Police 17hrs Edted WANTED TO ARREST Samuel Evan LAKE has a warrant for his arrest LAKE is 23 years of age 171cm tall and of thin build See More e Comment Share 975 people like this Top Comments- P 200 shares Sam Lake I need to get a new mugshot Like Replty 32139 16h Christchurch Police Come see us and w arrange at no cost ike 34167 16s Sam Lake If only they were as good at finding me as they were with comebacks Like Reply 3865 15hr 44 Replies 2mins 101914 1127 PM Christchurch Pollce 13 hours ago Edited o Thanks to everyone for their help locating Mr LAKE in Wellington tonight! Like Comment Share i 2230 people like this 48 Shares Top Comments Write a comment Sarah Rowe Awesome work-do we get to see the new mug shot?? Like Reply 785 13 hours ago 18 Replies 17 minutes ago 2 Christina Ah-Hi Davison BEST update ever!! Please update us with his latest mugshot please! Like Reply 180 13 hours ago 4 Replies 7 minutes ago Hamish John Scott I suppose hell get karma tattooed on the other side of his neck now? Like Reply 470 13 hours ago Phil Heslop Haha I would pay to hear the banter the arresting officers gave him Like Reply 64 13 hours ago Sam Lake Id pay to see their faces when they realised i had escaped Like 15 20 minutes ago Write a reply Get addicted to FUNsubstancecom Get it together Sam! Meme

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